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Jim Bramwell, SVP, Strategic Partners (center), accepts Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier award.
Photo credit: Chip Holley and David Schmitz

VWR Receives Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier Award for Second Year in a Row

VWR has been recognized as one of 26 companies receiving Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for their performance in 2016. VWR was recognized for its significant contributions in supporting Intel globally, by supplying microcontamination consumables and providing on-site services, deemed essential to Intel’s success.

“We’re pleased to recognize VWR as a Preferred Quality Supplier,” said Jacklyn Sturm, Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing Group and General Manager of Global Supply Management at Intel. “The focus and dedication of our award winners to meet the highest quality standards is second to none. Intel works with thousands of suppliers around the world, and these select few suppliers have demonstrated leading edge performance, making it possible for Intel to achieve the innovations of tomorrow.”

The PQS award celebrates exceptional, persistent performance and the continuous pursuit of excellence. Suppliers have exceeded expectations and performance goals in quality, cost, availability, technology, customer service, labor and ethics systems, and environmental sustainability.

The PQS award is part of Intel’s SCQI program, which encourages Intel’s key suppliers to strive for best-in-class levels of excellence and continuous improvement. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at

The PQS award celebrates exceptional performance and continuous pursuit of excellence. To qualify for PQS status, suppliers must exceed high expectations and uncompromising performance goals while scoring at least 80 percent on an integrated report card that assesses performance throughout the year. Suppliers must also achieve 80 percent or greater on a challenging continuous improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems.

Congratulations and thank you to all the VWR team members who support Intel. VWR team members Rich Best (second from left), Jim Bramwell (third from left) and Dan Garofalo (third from right) were able to attend this prestigious event. Photo credit: Chip Holley and David Schmitz

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